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"All Iowa lawyers should consider using LiabilityPro and Cindy Wiedman's services to obtain E&O (malpractice) or Cyber Insurance. I don't know if I have ever written a review on the web for a business before, but Cindy and her company did such a great job for our firm, that I feel compelled to write this recommendation. LiabilityPro did a far better job than other alternatives, including more visibly endorsed alternatives. Cindy knew the answers to difficult questions, gave great advice and again, in the end, got our firm great products at great prices. She just worked harder than everyone else was willing to work and the service was outstanding."
Jamie Bergkamp,
Bergkamp, Hemphill, Ogle & McClure, P.C.
"Our insurance needs were handled in a very, efficient, forthright and fair manner. Cindy did a great job for us."
Rick McConville,
Coppola, McConville, Coppola, Carrol, Hockenberg & Scalise, P.C.
"As a solo practitioner having the right service partners is essential to keeping the business running smoothly. Cindy is fantastic to work with and very knowledgeable about the industry. I highly recommend her to any of my colleagues who are looking for liability coverage."
Kristen Hall,
Hall Mediation & Law
"Cindy is a master of her craft. The process of obtaining our E&O insurance via LiabilityPro was expeditious and practical, thanks to Cindy’s proficient efforts. We highly recommend Cindy, her diligence and dedication are unrivaled."
Jayme Bresnahan,
Successful Resource Management Ltd.
How LiabilityPro Will Help You
Our close relationships with multiple, A+ rated insurance carriers will ensure that you find better coverage, faster. Also…
We’re Cost-Effective
It doesn’t cost you anything to have LiabilityPro evaluate your coverage needs and find the best value in a professional liability insurance and cyber insurance policies for your premium dollar. Not all policies nor insurers are the same and we help you understand the differences.
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We’re Custom
We understand your malpractice risk and recommend coverage terms based upon your unique exposures while constantly striving to bring you the best price. Our insurance companies trust us as specialists and you can benefit with lower premiums and/or better coverages overall.
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We’re Efficient
You'll have access to multiple insurance companies with us as your broker. We help you navigate the complicated professional liability insurance and cyber insurance applications by working with you to complete our own in-house Smart Indication Form.
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"Thank You for considering LiabilityPro Insurance Advisors…
…as your partner and insurance advocate!

To work with us means you'll receive expert help navigating the complicated professional liability insurance and cyber insurance application processes. We understand each customer’s specific underwriting exposures and work persistently to market you to multiple A-Rated insurance companies finding you the best coverages at the lowest price.

If you have any questions, please reach me personally at (515) 360-9041."
Cindy Wiedman,
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