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Cyber Security Tools for Business Leaders

March 05, 2019

Cyber Security Tools for Business Leaders

Business Leaders Take Heed to Cyber Threats

The news is full of headlines that make cyber security issues hard to ignore. Threats that used to spring up only in fiction and on movie screens are now real-life high-level security breaches happening across the country and within well-known, big-name companies.

As threats rise, the level of awareness increases, and detection systems grow more sophisticated. What cyber threats should you be aware of? What legal requirements and risk management strategies can you implement?

And where does a firm or a small business turn to learn more about these issues? One resource just released helps to reveal top threats and risks facing business today. The annual report released by Symantec puts small business at higher risk for some threats.

2019 Cyber Threat Report

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, March 2019

Symantec analysts released their latest cyber security intelligence report covering the most recent commentary on cyber-attacks, malicious code usage, phishing and spam. Read about:

After reading this eye-opening report, it becomes clear that small business owners cannot discount the massive cyber threats that small businesses face today. While Companies like Symantec are fighting the good fight in identifying and blocking these cyber-attacks almost as quickly as they emerge, a business owner can proactively manage cyber exposure with proper insurance. How can a stand-alone cyber insurance policy can protect your business? And what should you look for to optimize your purchase of a cyber insurance policy? Talk with a cyber liability insurance broker today.

Unique Resource for Law Firms

Learn About the Escalating Cyber Security Threat…

…against law firms. Law firms are increasingly targeted today by hackers and malware from all over the globe. The threat of a breach of your firm's or your client's confidential information is real! Learn where the threat comes from, ethical requirements for your law firm, and how to defend your practice against security attacks.

Cyber Security Threats and the Practice of Law

Cyber Security Threats and the Practice of Law - Ebook Download

Cyber Security Threats and the Practice of Law Ebook Cover

This eBook from LiabilityPro Insurance will explain:

What is Safelaw?

SafeLaw Cyber Risk Insurance for Lawyers, 2019 Coverage Overview PDF

SafeLaw Cyber Risk Insurance for Lawyers, 2019 Coverage Overview Cover Image

SafeLaw is a specialized cyber insurance and risk management program created by lawyers specifically to protect law firms from cyber risks. Lawyers are responsible for advising clients on their most troubling and important matters, but that’s not all. Lawyers are also trusted to care for and maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ secrets, and in many cases law firms are responsible for safeguarding their clients' assets as well.

Today, law firms utilize computer systems to provide professional legal services, transact business for clients and store virtually every piece of critical data. These computer systems are accessible to hackers and predators from the outside through the internet, wireless connections, cell phones, and laptops, to name just a few sources. Whether it is a business plan, a novel design to be patented, or client funds, if a lawyer cannot safeguard their clients’ confidentiality, money and property, the consequences can be dire.

The SafeLaw team is dedicated to protecting law firms and clients from cyber threats. Generic cyber risk policies are built to cover “privacy” breaches for every industry, but they do a poor job of addressing specialized law firm cyber exposures such as confidentiality breaches, loss of high value client data, fraudulent funds transfers, and system downtime causing loss of billable hours. Likewise, generic cyber risk policies have templated privacy breach response services that don’t contemplate breaches of attorney client privilege, ABA model rules, trust account violations, or ARDC proceedings. SafeLaw was created to protect law firms from cyber risks.

It’s more than just insurance, it is a complete protection plan. SafeLaw offers loss prevention and control services that help law firms identify weaknesses in their IT security. In the event of a claim, SafeLaw can provide immediate assistance to help your firm through a crisis.

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