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Cyber Liability Insurance is a Must Have in Your Cyber Security Arsenal
July 15, 2019
Has your email address ever been hijacked by a spoofing scam? Are you prepared for the inevitable data breach or the day your network is held for ransom? Network security alone cannot entirely protect your business’ data.
Not Having Cyber Liability Insurance: The Real Risk Your Law Firm Takes
March 14, 2016
An ABA Journal article strongly recommends that law firms take the additional step of purchasing cyber liability insurance, which adds another layer of financial protection in case of a breach. The bottom line...Law firms have an ethical and legal obligation to protect the confidential digital information.
How Much Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cost For a Law Firm?
February 29, 2016
Cyber Liability Insurance is completely affordable today with premiums for a $1,000,000 limit costing less than $1,000 for a sole proprietor, up to a 5 member firm with less than $250,000 in annual revenue. 6 or more attorneys up to $5,000,000 in revenue start at a minimum premium of $1,000.
Why Cyber Liability Insurance is a Must for Law Firms
February 1, 2016
In the current information age, law firms routinely store and transmit non-public confidential data. A data breach can occur as a result of a lost iPad, cell phone, or laptop; a rogue employee, human error, or worse, a coordinated malware attack by hackers intending to hold your computer system and its' data ransom for money.
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